Tori Treasure – Artist and Graphic Designer

Posted by on September 29, 2009 at 2:11 pm.

Artwork by Tori TreasureLocal artist Tori Treasure was over today to get some of her recent artwork photographed.

Her most recent project has been connected to the launch of the forthcoming book Concrete Operational.

She had trouble finding a way of getting her artwork ready for the launch parties book.  Scanning gets very expensive and tricky when art is mounted and bigger than A4, so photography is a very simple and cost effective route to take.

Finding me via one of my web clients websites ( Louise Hight ) she contacted me and we met up earlier today to take the photos for the book and her website.  We photographed some 20 or so pieces together in RAW / DNG format for her to ready for the publication.

She had some great stuff that Nadine liked as well, so its easy to see how she does well with getting her work onto album covers and books etc.

Tori Treasure

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