Ivor Martin Faggetter

Born in July 1924 ( Sandhurst ), died in February 1988 ( Wokingham )

He had two brothers, John Faggetter ( 1918 to 1995 ) and Eric ( 1912 – 1933 )

His father Earnest Edgar Faggetter married Ellen Martin Small ( 1886 – 1924 ) in October 1912 in the Church of the Ascension, Battersea, London,  she died soon after Ivor was born in October 1924 in Cottage Hospital, Hanwell.

Annie Keddy ( born October 1886 in Newcastle on Tyne ) who was working in New York ( as a Cook / Housekeeper at 1 Grace Church Street, Rye, New York for  Mrs R.R.M Emmet) returned home, as promised to look after the children and she married Earnest in March 1925 at East Molesey Parish Church, Surrey.  She died in June 1970.

The Faggetter family seems to be very much based around Pirbight in Surry and Sunninghill near to Windsor.

Ivor was called up and fought in World War II and was injured, whilst recovering he worked as a journalist in Rome.  He attained the rank of Sargent, but due to a quick temper typical of redheads he lost this for a while.

He later worked selling insurance and then returned to the army to train the Gurkha in Fleet.

The surname Faggetter name is unusual and little known.  I have some information about the name and its history around the Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire areas.

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