“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” St. Augustine

Originally it was hills and mountains that gave him the inspiration to travel, now its the people and the customs that make him grab his passport. On foot in the hills of Nepal, skies in the mountains of Greenland or bicycles in Africa, the mode of transport isn’t important, its the being there that excites him, being close to people and close to the wonderful environments.
World Map marked with places that Chris Hawkins has visited

This page is under development. Please come back soon to see some of the travel photos by Chris Hawkins.

Chris has, of the seven continents, so far only visited:

  • Africa
    • Egypt – diving with wonderful fish in the Red Sea.
    • Ethiopia – on a bike, pedalling around the Bale Mountains.
    • South Africa – Eating and drinking my way around the Cape, Garden Route and Jo-Berg.
  • North America
    • Boston – working in dull offices.
    • Greenland (photos) – skiing and making first ascents of the mountains.
  • South America
    • no where (yet!)
  • Europe
    • Belgium – chocolate 😉
    • Finland – clean and cold.
    • France – cheese and wine.
    • Great Britain – everywhere !!!
    • Greece – hot, hot hot!
    • Iceland – full of beautiful people and landscapes.
    • Ireland – for the craic and for work.
    • Italy – great food and wonderfully romantic.
    • Spain – warm and hilly bicycle fun.
    • Sweden – for work, but the snow was cool.
    • Switzerland – way to organised.
    • Turkey
    • Vatican City – does the pope wear a silly hat, err yes…
  • Antarctica
    • no where (yet!)
  • Asia
    • Japan – all go, all of the time.
    • Nepal – beautiful mountains and culture.
    • Pakistan – nice but dusty.
  • Australia
    • Australia (photos)- wonderful, warm, friendly and with more deadly insects / plants / animals than anywhere else I have been!