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Canvas Under The Sky

I was lucky enough to meet Robin Binckes in 1993 when I was out in South Africa.  I went on a tour with him to a few interesting spots in Johnasberg.  He took me around of the poorer areas of the city, to a monument to the white settlers near Pretoria, to an early home […]

Montague Redknap

Montague Redknap was born in 1886 and was from West Norwood ( now known as Lambeth ) and married in St. Martin’s-in-the-Field, just off Trafalgar Square in London, in 1913. He married Miss Alice R. Houghton, of Southport. Its possible he is a relative, but I haven’t been able to go far enough back to […]

Redknap Family Bible Images

I have scanned a few of the pages from the Redknap families bible. The notes on the front and back covers started in 1863 and cover a few generations of the family, they include the births and deaths of the Redknap family. The Redknap Family seem to have spread far and wide from their Thames […]