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News about what Chris Hawkins has been up to

Tori Treasure – Artist and Graphic Designer

Artwork by Tori TreasureLocal artist Tori Treasure was over today to get some of her recent artwork photographed.

Her most recent project has been connected to the launch of the forthcoming book Concrete Operational.

She had trouble finding a way of getting her artwork ready for the launch parties book.  Scanning gets very expensive and tricky when art is mounted and bigger than A4, so photography is a very simple and cost effective route to take.

Finding me via one of my web clients websites ( Louise Hight ) she contacted me and we met up earlier today to take the photos for the book and her website.  We photographed some 20 or so pieces together in RAW / DNG format for her to ready for the publication.

She had some great stuff that Nadine liked as well, so its easy to see how she does well with getting her work onto album covers and books etc.

Tori Treasure

IronMum pictures in the Gazette

The photos I took of the Bramley IronMum event a few weeks ago have been printed in the Basingstoke Gazette (last Friday) and without permission / credit in the Gazettes website.

The Gazette forgot to send anyone to photograph it for themselves, and asked to use my shots, they didnt want to pay anything which I thought was odd for a commercial operation, but for the Ironmum organisers I allowed them to print it. I didn’t give permission for them to use it on their website, especially without giving at least some credit.

The article and my image can be seen here.

Wedding Fair

The first wedding of the season organised by Trevor Cruickshanks.  The well attended fair had a short wedding dress fashion show organised by Jayne Ann Brides.

[svgallery name=”weddingfair”]

More Basingstoke Wedding Fair dates, locations and details can be seen on the site

[svgallery name=”weddingfare0909″]

IronMum Race

Today was the first Bramley IronMum race.

Around 25 Bramley Mums took part in either the Buns of Steel or the harder Abs of Iron race.

Photos of the event are on

The race took the ladies running around the lanes of Bramley near to Basingstoke on North Hampshire.  A 3 or 6 km run, followed by a 6 or 12 km cycleride, finished with a strength sprint.

They are a tough lot over in Bramley!

Basingstoke Baby Photography

Basingstoke has a new Baby and Child Photographer!

Me !

I have set up a simple site to advertise. If you live in Basingstoke or near, and want some baby or child portraits, drop me a line before the end of July 2009 and you mentioned you saw the site here for a 10% discount on any and all prints. for child and baby portraiture for child and baby portraiture

The site that brings the best of Basingstokes Wedding Professionals together on one site is now live. has examples of work by Wedding Photographers, Wedding Florists, Wedding Invitation makers, Wedding Video makers and lots more.

If your getting married in or near to Basingstoke, its well worth a look to see the great work showcased on there.

The site also contains useful information that Brides and Grooms from anywhere will find useful, Wedding check lists, the reasons behind the many myths and legends along with great free expert advice.
, Basingstoke best wedding people, working hard to make your day even more special. went live today with their new site. Its early days and there are lots of cosmetic as well as content changes to make, but its the first step to something great. design and create some wonderfully unique mosaics. Ideal for swimming pools, shower or wet rooms, gardens or anywhere you want a wonderful piece of art!

and we are off


Welcome to the new site, its based upon the exsisting pages over at, but is based entirly on WordPress CMS / blogging software. Over the next few days I will alter the look and feel of the site, again to reflect the look of the